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At Central Property Malaga, we are dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive range of real estate services to help you fulfil your dream of living in your ideal home.

Buying a property is an exciting time for everyone involved and with Central Property Malaga you are in safe hands. Our team has over 10 years of local experience and we aim to provide a complete service, helping our clients from start to finish, plus a great after sales services too.

Our team of experienced professionals is here to guide you every step of the way.
Once you have decided on your dream home, a reservation contract is drawn up while necessary legal checks are completed.

The reservation contract details the basic terms and conditions of the proposed purchase and a deposit, normally of 6,000 Euros, is paid.

This deposit is fully refundable in case any irregularities are uncovered during the due diligence process, and is held by certified lawyers, registered gestor or directly by the developers in the case of an off-plan property.

As soon as everything is verified and confirmed by both parties, the lawyer will arrange for the signing of the Private Purchase Contract (PPC). In this contract, typically prepared by the lawyers, you will find all the details of the property including address, size and features, as well as the proposed completion date and the agreed terms and conditions.

On average, with new developments, between 20 and 30% of the purchase price is paid on PPC minus the reservation amount, with the balance upon completion.  

At this point, the property is almost yours and the journey to completion begins. We will keep you updated on the progress of the development on a regular basis.
At Central Property Málaga we have a team of qualified consultants and gestor administrators plus we work with reputable lawyers who will ensure that the whole buying process is made as simple as possible and dealt with efficiently.

When you purchase in Spain, you will require a Foreigner Identity Number.  This is called an NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero).  

We will obtain this for you free of charge upon contracting our legal services.

If you are not able to travel to and from abroad too often, we recommend you supply our lawyers with a Power of Attorney and they will handle everything to do with the purchase for you.

At Central Property Málaga, our legal team charges 1% of the purchase price, or in cases of very lucrative properties, the legal fees may be less.

It is important to understand the terms and conditions of all contracts, plus costs and taxes. Legal guidance is necessary to protect your interests, therefore if you do not have a lawyer or gestor in Spain, we are happy to help you from start to finish.
Purchase costs and taxation when buying a property in Spain can vary, yet we recommend to our clients that they budget between 10 and 14% for taxes and purchase costs.  The tax on property depends on whether you purchase a brand new property or a resale property.

For a NEW PROPERTY, the VAT or in Spain IVA (Impuesto sobre el valor añadido) on the purchase of a new development property is 10%.  Stamp duty, or IAJD (lmpuesto de Actos Jurídicos Documentados) is around 1,2% and the Notary Fees and Registration at Land Registry is approximately 1,5-2%.  

For a RESALE PROPERTY, the tax is less at 7%, plus 2% for Notary and Land Registry.

The final step to a notary office can be in person or through your Lawyer or gestor if you give them power of attorney. Here the title deeds are signed, the remainder of the sales price is paid and the keys are handed over.  From this moment, you are now the rightful owner of your new property!
When you purchase your dream home, part of the excitement is to furnish your property how you would like it.

Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming, but you need not worry because at Central Property Málaga we work closely with great interior design companies that will furnish your home from top to bottom in the taste that you prefer, and with the budget you allocate for this.

Everything from the basics like sofas, beds and dining room furnishings, to all your curtains, ornaments, plants, rugs, pictures and all decorative pieces.

Select a modern, elegant design using clean lines or a more rustic, natural feel using a blend of neutral tones.  The options are endless.

You can choose from different bespoke furniture packages at fixed prices ensuring elegance, functionality and cost-effectiveness.

We´ll help you make your house, a home.
At Central Property Malaga we offer a wide range of services, partnering with trusted local and experienced businesses to ensure your property requirements are delivered to the highest standard. One of these areas of partnering is Property Management.

You can increase the revenue and exposure of your property while at the same time enjoying it for your holidays.  The bookings and enquiries will be managed for you and complete transparency is assured.

All aspects will be overseen including regular inspections of the property, maintenance and minor repairs, key holding, garden and pool maintenance, laundry service and cleaning service.

Our partners will ensure that your property is cared for, maintained and gets the best revenue possible when you are not using it. Most importantly, they will give you full peace of mind.
Whether you´re visiting the Costa del Sol to buy property and play golf while you´re here, or whether you´re coming over to play golf and decide to venture into the possibility of buying a holiday home, travelling with your golf clubs might be a hassle.

You´ll probably need to pay extra baggage, will risk damaging your golf clubs or even losing them.  So, why not leave your clubs at home and travel light?

Let us use our partnering contacts to get you the best deal on golf club rentals.

We can also arrange for discounted green fees for most of the exciting golf courses on the Costa del Sol.

Searching for an ideal holiday home shouldn´t be all viewing and no playing, so make sure you enjoy a great round of golf while you´re here!
Many of the new developments are now including solar energy within the installations, but in the event that they do not or if you purchase a resale property without solar power and you wish to have this installed, we can help.

Not only does this add value to your home, but it is a simple and easy process from start to finish. Our partners will conduct a survey of your home and produce a free detailed solar panel proposal, based on your property and your energy requirements.

The expert team will install your solar panel system to the very highest standard and provide you with an APP so you can monitor its performance. All installations are fully guaranteed giving you peace of mind.

The paperwork for registration will be handled for you and support will be supplied before, during and after the job is done.

Installing solar panels in Spain is a fantastic investment that will pay for itself in just a few years!
We can also assist you with Currency Exchange, Home Insurance and Mortgages as we partner with many of the leading companies in Spain.

Please note that all taxes and costs are current and approximate in some cases and should be used as a guideline as they may be subject to change.
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